That's us!

Two friends who have known each other forever and like each other so much that they start a business together and don't hate each other yet. On the one hand Mats, who has been interested in startups and business at least since his toy supermarket in the nursery. On the other side Nico, who some already feared would one day become a freak because he always dissected his food. Fortunately, he has now become a food technologist and is devoted to the ingredients and taste of Mr. Seltzy.

Our idea

Having fun is important! That's why we wanted to create a drink that would allow almost anyone to feel wild and free without sacrificing control. That's how we ended up with tipsy water with natural fruit flavors. You can enjoy your craziest moments anywhere, with anyone, at any time. There's always a way to let out the Kraken in you.

Mats gets fired!

The adventure begins

Our kraken story starts with the lifelong friendship of us, Mats and Nico. Mats lost his job in Malaysia in 2020 due to the pandemic. Instead of looking for something new there, he called his best friend Nico, who told him about his research on innovative drinks. During a tipsy video call (still without Mr. Seltzy), we realised that the world was missing a tipsy water and decided to give it a chance immediately. Mats' one-way flight to Germany was booked.

The brewing commences...'s gonna be big!

After what felt like 100 years of brewing and working on the concept, we were ready for the next step. We applied to the Drink Innovation Campus at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Our idea seemingly convinced the jury, as we prevailed against 70 startups and were accepted into the program. That was the confirmation we had been looking for all this time. Since then, we have been working harder and more motivated than ever before to share our invention with you.

The first production is completed!

And yet we are still at the beginning

Almost nine months later, we are now ready to present you with our kraken baby, Mr. Seltzy! What feels like an eternity also feels like a buzz at the same time. We have thoroughly enjoyed our adventure so far and have to honestly say that we could never have done it without the many wonderful people who have helped us. Now we are online and our kraken is available for purchase, but the biggest challenges are yet to come....


We talk openly, casually, sometimes a little cheeky. We help you to release your kraken slumbering in the depths and whilst doing that to keep a clear head. We were looking for a symbol that combines these apparent contradictions. Kraken (Octopuses), with their nine brains, are on one hand very clever and able to do the appropriate thing in any situation. On the other hand, they are also very adventurous and up for a joke, such as when they slap fish with their tentacles. Scientists say they do this out of sheer boredom and playfulness, which of course makes it even funnier. This mix of mindfulness, control and adventure perfectly expresses our values and our product. 95% CLEAR. 5% CRAKE!