Let's face it, on the one hand we care about sustainability and social justice, on the other hand we produce in cans and many of you may be wondering, "Guys, it doesn't make sense, are you crazy? And what does Mr. Seltzy actually have to say about that?!"

We have deliberately chosen the can. This has several reasons:

  💨 CO2 emissions (and not because we compensate them anyway)

  ♻️ Recycling

☀️ Other points


Transport and CO2

🚚 An empty can of Mr. Seltzy weighs just under 12.5 grams, while a glass bottle of the same size weighs almost twenty times as much. This results in significantly higher transport emissions.

  Something Mr. Seltzy loves about aluminium cans is that they are super stackable and save a lot of space and weight. Did you know that a pallet of filled beverage cans can carry almost 2.5 times more liquid than glass bottles of the same capacity?



   🌊 Plastic was never an option for us. While it feels like every carefree water company in Germany is going for plastic, Mr. Seltzy told us that there are currently close to four billion pieces of plastic floating around in every square kilometre of the ocean, being ingested by tiny sea creatures and ruining his favourite seafood! We humans face the same dilemma, by the way, but shhh.

♻️ Metals are the most recycled packaging in the world. Recycling metal, unlike other materials, does not require new materials, as it can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing structural integrity - in other words, it can be recycled an infinite number of times.

  🌏 That's why, according to Mr. Seltzy's research friends, so far just under 80% of any steel that has been produced is still in circulation. So it's no wonder that 99% of aluminium is recycled in Germany!


Other points     

☀️ Using cans protects the contents from sunlight so that the beautiful fruit flavour is not decomposed by UV rays and remains fresh for you - this is also the reason why beer bottles are usually brown or green. The beverage can is also the only beverage container that is completely sealed.

🥶 In addition, cans get cold very quickly in the fridge because they are light weight and thus have less mass and also have good thermal conductivity. This is perfect if you just want to give an octopus an impromptu ice bath before heading out.

👻 Also: With Mr. Seltzy you don't have to use any deposit machines at the moment. Mr. Seltzy knows that his thirsty friends are environmentally conscious. In Germany, some mixed wine drinks, among others, are currently exempt from the can deposit. Like every other company that puts packaging into the world, we participate in the dual system. So simply dispose of the can in the yellow recycling bin or the yellow recycling bag and it will be recycled!